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July 25, 2016

 Phosphates Are In This Season

120 years ago Fred Donckers created a small candy store/ soda fountain that would become a staple in downtown, Marquette. Old fashioned soda fountains are known for hand-scooped ice cream, milk shakes, malts, & pulled sodas (a.k.a. phosphates). Although most people reading this will have indulged in creamy "hand-scooped" ice cream and the occasional milk shake, many may be wondering what a "phosphate" is. 

It may be surprising to learn that pulled sodas originated in pharmacies. Pharmacists believed that there were medicinal qualities produced by combining Co2, water, fruits, eggs, wine & malt. Over time, these fizzy beverages became sweeter, & gained popularity among American youth. Phosphates would become the main seller at soda fountains around the country circa 1870, & remained so until ice cream took over with a bang in the 30's. 

Donckers' soda fountain may have changed over the years, but the love of all things soda has not. Come in for a sophisticated take on a soda pop, & indulge your sweet side. 

Pictured: Strawberry- Lemon Soda

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