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Spring Has Sprung, Hop into Donckers!

March 01, 2016

It’s spring inside Donckers! Handcrafted Fudge eggs are here! You can customize them too! Free of charge. These half – pound fudge eggs are so good even the Easter bunny hops here! Bring a peanut butter fudge egg to the office, a chocolate fudge egg home, and buy a chocolate walnut fudge egg for some BUNNY special.

Donckers garden is springing up fast - a garden – choc full of chocolate flowers! Brighten up some bunnies day with a bouquet of chocolate flowers.
Donckers even has chocolate caterpillars, chocolate butterflies, and chocolate bunnies.

Chocolates and custom Easter Baskets for all of your favorite Easter bunnies are better at Donckers.

Order online at or hop into Donckers in Downtown Marquette!

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