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Himalayan Secrets - BULK Heart Stone (Small) - Pack of 12

2.5x2.5x1.5 inch Handmade with simple carving techniques, these Heart Massage Stones by Himalayan Secrets© stones are crafted from the purest Himalayan salt rocks, renowned for their therapeutic properties. Use: Remove the plastic before heating. The Heart Massage Stone can be easily warmed up in a microwave for 30 seconds, or on a skillet set on low heat. But, to ensure perfection, use one of our Warming Bowls (part #HSSL-MSW) with a 40-Watt bulb that warms the massage stones, and doubles as a decorative lamp. Simply warm up the massage stones and apply it over the neck, shoulders, or back for a relaxing massage experience. The pointed ends can target hard to reach areas. The heart shape symbolizes love and self-care, adding significance to your massage. Enhance relaxation and intimacy by asking a partner to use massage oil and glide the stones on your back. Care: Wipe to clean. Do not rinse. Disclaimer: Please use with care and caution if you have sensitive skin.
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