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Eucalypt Co. - Eucalyptus Shower Bundle: Classic

Eucalyptus bundles arrive to your store tagged with all the needed information for use and care. Eucalyptus shower bundles are gaining popularity across North America both for aromatherapy and decor. Our bundles will enable your customers to create a spa experience in their own home. This bundle brings an aromatic experience to relieve stress and tension, clear congestion, and rejuvenate breathing as the steam from the shower releases the oils within the stems, the shower experience is redefined.  Eucalyptus shower bundles are made in Canada using organically preserved eucalyptus from Europe and Asia. Preserved eucalyptus has been selected over fresh simply because it lasts longer and maintains its beauty even once its scent is diminished. Preserved bundles do not wilt or crumble, they maintain a fairly supple leaf and can be used as decor when its scent has diminished in the shower. Bundles last up to 6 months in the shower if cared for correctly.
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