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Signature Caramel Box

At Donckers, our candy makers strive for perfection with every titillating batch of luscious caramel. A majestic meld of lavish cream, rich butter and dynamic vanilla makes our caramel a marvelous must have.

The Signature Caramel Box is the perfect gift for any caramel-lover in your life. An array of hand-made caramel confections are nestled in a shippable box, packed with care, to ensure pure confectionery bliss when opened. 

  • A twelve pack of Sea Salt Caramels (six milk chocolate and six dark chocolate)
  • A six pack of Cookie Caramels (two milk, two dark, and two white chocolate)
  • Three Caramel Pretzel Rods (one milk, one dark, and one white chocolate)
  • Four Sea Salt Caramel Oreos (two milk chocolate and two dark chocolate)
  • Five Classic Wrapped Caramels
  • Five Wrapped Cookie Caramels

Some contents may be substituted due to changes in availability.


Want more than 12 items? Please call us for bulk ordering and we would be happy to help! 906-226-6110

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