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Robert Frederick Ltd - Saje Houseplant Care Set - Abstract Tropical

Keep your houseplants happy and healthy with these mini tools and dust gloves. Use the microfiber gloves to wipe away dust, allowing your plants to absorb more sunlight keeping them happy and healthy. To clean your plant leaves, support the back of the leaf with one hand while gently dusting the top of the leaf with your other gloved hand. Gloves are machine washable and re-usable and come in one size. Our gloves are crafted with microfiber material, making them incredibly effective in gently removing dust and dirt from plant leaves. KEEP YOUR PLANTS HAPPY: Help your houseplants to thrive with these mini tools and dust gloves. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned plant enthusiast, our Houseplant Care Kit provides the essential items for keeping your houseplants happy and thriving.
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