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Plantish - Dog Shampoo Bar

A natural shampoo bar for our furry friends! Our Dog Shampoo Soap Bar will lather your pet children in a gentle, bubbly cleanser. It is handcrafted with pure, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients that nourish your dog's fur and skin, leaving them beyond hydrated, soft, and silky. Scent: Unscented Size: 7 x 7 x 2.6cm or 2.76 x 2.76 x 1.02in Features Suitable for all dogs & pups: formulated for your dog's delicate skin (pH of 6.5 to 7.5) Natural insect repellent: neem oil contains azadirachtin (the active agent that repels and kills insects) Directions **before using, test on a small area of their skin. discontinue use if irritation occurs** - use as an all-over dog shampoo or just a simple paw wash 1. set your pup in the bath 2. wet their fur then rub the bar along their body 3. rinse, then you're done! Care Tips - place soap on top of the soap dish for a longer-lasting soap - ideally, allow it to fully dry between uses - avoid leaving it in excess water

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