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Signature Caramel Box

At Donckers, our candy makers strive for perfection with every titillating batch of luscious caramel. A majestic meld of lavish cream, rich butter and dynamic vanilla makes our caramel a marvelous must have.

The Signature Caramel Box is the perfect gift for any caramel-lover in your life. An array of hand-made caramel confections are nestled in a shippable box, packed with care, to ensure pure confectionery bliss when opened. 

  • A twelve pack of Sea Salt Caramels
  • A six pack of Cookie Caramels
  • Three Caramel Pretzel Rods
  • Four Sea Salt Caramel Oreos
  • Five Classic Wrapped Caramels
  • Five Wrapped Cookie Caramels

*Some substitutions may apply.

Want more than 12 items? Please call us for bulk ordering and we would be happy to help! 906-226-6110

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